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2008 is over

Some things about 2008:

- I got engaged in January of this year! :D We'll be getting married on May 30th, and I am totally freaking out about the planning. I still have soooo much to do.

- I spent most of this year without Bryon, who was deployed in Afghanistan. It wasn't easy, it wasn't pleasant, and it was definitely lonely, but we got through it. He got back on New Year's Eve, when his dad, Mike and I drove through crappy weather to go get him in Syracuse. It is soooooo good to have him home again.

- This was a reading year for me, no question. His last deployment was when I learned to knit and pretty much knit stuff all year; this year I only knit about 2 inches of a mitten, and that only started in December.

- As evidence, I present to you the complete booklist of 2008. Kinda crazy - 181 books, I think. Compare this to last year when I think I read 65. I'm sure this year I'll get much less reading done. I tend not to read so much when Bryon is around.

- The other big thing that happened this year is that I quit my job and went back to school. Huzzah - it really was about time. Now I'm working on an associate's degree in Web Design, and enjoying it. It would be nice if most of the computer courses I need didn't overlap each other, however, as it makes it hard to cobble out a schedule. I don't regret this decision one little bit. I just hope it works out well.

That's about it. 2008 was an okay year for me, but I'm glad it's over. Let's go, 2009!
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