julie (onetrooluff) wrote,

Last day of classes.

Yup. Semester is ALMOST over. I just have a whole bunch of projects to get done, and it's my own stupid fault for leaving them this long. *sigh* Happily everything else is all finished except for two finals next week.

Something amazing:
I managed to re-wire the entire entertainment system, and hook up surround speakers, and it all works. Yay!

Something kinda... "huh":
Cast announced for The Last Airbender. Jackson Rathbone? Really? Mind you, this is not a negative for me. I'm happy to give anyone a shot and I actually LIKE him so I'm even MORE willing to give him a shot. :D I'm really happy they went with an unknown karate champ for Aang! Honestly the entire concept of this movie getting made is weird, so anyone they put in the roles is going to seem odd.

Something good:
11 days til my birthday! 13 days til Christmas! Wheeeee!

Working tomorrow and Saturday. Will probably be super-busy.

Hope everyone's doing well. (P.S. I do read LJ way more than I post on it.)

Tags: college life part 3, daily life, movies
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