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Oh man.

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY aurillia!!! :D :D :D

Secondly, I can't believe it's a) almost the end of break week, b) almost December, c) less than a month from Christmas, and d) less than a month from my birthday.

I have a biggggg homework assignment to do tomorrow, and the thought of it has been weighing on me all week (I did get some other homework done earlier in the week). I worked a bit this week, including Black Friday, but it wasn't NEARLY as bad as I was expecting.

And yes, I did see Twilight. I had mixed reactions this first time around; Rob Pattinson did an EXCELLENT job, Kristen Stewart nearly as excellent, and the rest of the Cullens were fine although you really didn't see all that much of them. The humans (Charlie included) were even more endearing and hilarious than they are in the books. Also: bad vamps = awesome. The first two thirds of the movie were perfectly fine despite editing and alterations, but the last third had a lot of things that bugged me, mostly because they were out of character. I still want to see it again, and this time I'll take my mom (Aunt Lisa went with me the first time).

I've managed to finish a couple of books over the break, bake a pumpkin pie (from scratch, including the crust), have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with my family, talk on the phone to Bryon for half an hour!, and do all of my laundry. Oh, and catch up on Bleach (NEL = AWESOME!!!). So, it's been fairly productive.

What's been going on in your world? :D
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