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Yes, I'm still kicking over here.

1. 40 days til my birthday!! :D

2. 6 days til my brother's birthday!! :D

3. This cracked me right up: Twilight: The Lost Script

4. I would also like to point out that I am RUNNING the Twilight pre-release party Saturday night at work. They knew I would have fun with it.

5. I finally took the plunge, and had Fawn (hairdresser) dye part of my hair hot pink. WAHAHAHA. I just didn't want to hit 80 and go, "Crap, I always wished I'd done that once." Besides, I'm a college student again. What better time? Pics are here.

6. We bought a PS3. Once I found out we would have to track down, specifically, the first model (60 gig) in order to have one that would play PS1 and PS2 games, I started searching. After losing several eBay auctions, one of the local GameStop stores got in a used one. We have Soul Caliber IV, Guitar Hero: World Tour, and Rock Band, in case anyone is interested in playing online or something. :D

7. Stressssssssssssssss... lots of homework and a big test this week, plus some longer shifts at work. I am working ALL THREE of my class-free days this week. Bleh.

8. Oh yeah, Halloween! I went as Jem this year. :D :D :D The pics are in my Scrapbook - here.
Tags: daily life, halloween, pink hair, twilight, video games
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