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Programming logic: where "y is the new x" makes perfect sense

So, first off, HAPPY (CANADIAN) THANKSGIVING to everyone who celebrated yesterday. I forgot to post about it yesterday, which is really pathetic considering I actually thought about it ahead of time, and still forgot.

Secondly, I am proud to say that I figured out another tough exercise in my programming class... I was confused yesterday, but I went to see the tutor, and he basically just let me talk myself through it until I got to the right answer. :D Now I have to write out the pseudocode and then code it in Python. Bleh.

It's going to be a busy next few months. I have some interesting things potentially in the works, and a lot of stuff to get done. Job is still going well, and I still managed to finish a couple of books (Marked and Inkspell [FINALLYYYYYY]). I also am all caught up on How I Met Your Mother now, go me! And am up on Heroes, and nearly up on True Blood. We shall not discuss SG: Atlantis or Joan of Arcadia at the moment, but hey, at least they both have finite quantities. I'm also looking to watch the Romeo and Juliet anime, Chrno Crusade, Freaks and Geeks, and the rest of Moonlight. Eeeep. Oh, and the rest of Doctor Who Season 4.

We are getting closer and closer to when Bryon should hopefully get home. HUZZAHHHH.

I'm off to code or read or something.
Tags: college life part 3, daily life, tv
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