May 4th, 2009

Rob/Kristen from Empire photo shoot

Bridal Shower...

Wedding plans are proceeding apace. 26 days to go, and I'm not actually freaking out yet... We still have a LOT to do though.

I finally (well, it was April 25th, I guess that's not that bad considering my track record) posted pics from the lovely Regency High Tea Bridal Shower! :D Danielle, Meisha and I all made dresses (and one of my mom's friends, who is also the cake baker, dressed up too!). Lovely tea fare, croquet, a "turn about the grounds" and then we had an "afterparty" including the menfolk at our apartment.

It's on Flickr. My account is set to public so there shouldn't be any trouble viewing it, but if there is, let me know.

And D, we missed you. :( I wore the blue flower bobbypin you got me so you could be there in spirit. I hope you're enjoying Hawaii!!

Julie's Regency High Tea Bridal Shower!